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Welcome to the new website of Sarjo Jallow, guide in Gambia. Here you can already see some examples
of beautiful sites and locations in Gambia!

Excursions and prices
  sarahbaby   My name is Sarjo Jallow, I am a local guide en I live in Serekunda, Gambia. I speak English and Dutch.

If you want to combine several destinations or you like to travel slow and relaxed; everything is possible.
Please let me know your wishes through e-mail of telephone and I will send you a travelplan that you can examine at ease at home.

This season every client receives a free beverage with every excursion. You can take Fanta or Coke, a fruitcoctail, vimto and or Malta (no beer or alcohol).


Some suggestions:

The city tour is a trip that takes you first to Serekunda, the most populated city in The Gambia. Next is a visit to the batik factory, where the workers show you the technique of making tye and dye cloth, table cloth and bedsheets.
After this we visit the old capital city of The Gambia called Banjul which was founded in 1816. There are lot of amazing things you can see there, including the old building, the Arch 22  with its nice view over the famous Albert market.
This market is a busy every day market with a lot of people with the usual trade and  the most exciting thing to see are the real beautiful colours of the african dresses of the ladies in The Gambia. You can also visit the famous crocodile pool which is located in a town called Bakau which is the only place in The Gambia where you can actualy touch a life crocodile.

You can also spend a full relaxing day along the riverside of The Gambiariver ,as you board the boat from Lamin Lodge. With the boat you soon enter one of the creeks and cast your lines in the water, reaching for fish.
There are different species, such as butterfish, tilapia, snapper, catfish and barracudas. Bate will be provided for you. During the period of fishing you can see a lot of birds like pelicans, egrets, sunbirds, bee-eaters, and there is the possibility of seeing the ladies on the small boats collecting the oysters from the roots of the mangroves.

We start from Banjul where you crossover with the ferry to Barra, a small town on the North Bank, where you have a safaridrive passing many small villages on the way to Abreda and Juffureh, the home village of Kunta Kinteh, the ancestor of Alex Harley. Your visit starts from the museum, then to the Kunta Kinteh family, the freedom flagpole at Albreda and after that a nice boat trip to the island, where slaves were kept from the begining of the slavetrade.
The most beautiful thing about this trip is to hear the story about the sad history of the travel era and how the trading of human for goods happened.
Georgetown is a 2 days expedition to explore the interior of the country. This trip begins with a drive to Banjul to catch the ferry, then you cross the sea to Barra, a small town on the North Bank of the sea. As you drive along the main highway of the North Bank passing some villages, you first stop at Farafenni town for a lunch at a restaurant. Then you carry on to Wassu to see the prehistorical stones circles, and then you drive to catch the ferry to cross to Georgetown a colonial town built on the Janjanbureh island, where you are accomodated in a tourist camp. If time allows, you could have a mini boat cruise down the river where there’s a chance of spotting wildlife such as monkeys, birds, crocodiles or hippos. Dinner is served in the camp. The following morning after breakfast, you are taken on a walk around the island town to see the significant places. Finally you drive back on the South Bank by the transgambia highway to Soma where you have the possibility to visit a a school. After that we will have lunch in a restaurant in Soma. Then you go back to Serekunda and your hotel.

You drive to Banjul then cross the sea with the ferry to Barra and from there you proceed to the border. Between The Gambia and Senegal you stop to fullfil immigration formalities, stamping your  passport for traveling out of  The Gambia and into Senegal, then you drive to Fathala, a few miles away. At the Fathala wildlife reserve, you will be riding among herds of antelops crowned by the western giant eland, the rarest one. You  have the  chance to see giraffes, rhinos, buffalos and spot monkey families on giant African mahogany trees.
Fathala wildlife park is an area that incloses 2000 hectares of the original protected forest. You drive back back to the border and proceed to the ferry in Barra to Banjul.
Since July 1st 2013 tourists who travel from The Gambia to Senegal need a visa wich can be requested at the Embassy in Serekunda. Rate is 50 euros per person.

On this safari adventure tours you drive by a Landrover or mini truck. You will be exposed to the real Gambian life style. First you drive through Serekunda market and pass by Abuko to Lamin Lodge. There you go aboard on one of the canoes which are daily available for a mini river cruise with the peddler as captain. It leads you to Daranka Island to see the women on the  their agricultural project. T
hen you go back to Lamin Lodge. From there you drive to Brikama Town to visit the biggest wood carving factory. You proceed to visit a school near Sanyang Village. After that you have a short break at the Paradise Beach for a well deserved lunch in one of the best restaurants there. After lunch you’ll have enough time to relax and look around. From the restaurant you drive to the fishing centre at Tanje Village to witness the returning of the fishing boats and finally you go back to your hotel. It’s also possible to visit the Tanje Village Museum.

In Gambia the name Makasutu is a local Mandinka word which means holy and "sacred deep forest". Makasutu Culture Forest is located about 5 km to the north east of Brikama and is a lush green wilderness fed by a tributary of the Gambia River called the Mandina Bolon. It is a private eco-tourist reserve which is open to the public for full cultural eco-tours of the forest. Within the reserve there is the 5 star luxury eco-tourist lodge called Mandina Lodges which is right on the tributary within lush bush mangroves.
There are a variety of eco-systems within the Makasutu protected wilderness area namely: savannah, mangroves, a dense mature tropical forest, Guinea woodland and semi-wooded grassland. The forest is home to hundreds of varieties of birds, three species of monkeys, monitor lizzard, pygmy deer and mongoose, to name a few. If you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of migrating baboons to whom the forest is their home for a number of month each year.
Upon arrival at Makasutu you can have a tea, coffee or some other refreshment. During the day there are many different activities on offer.
There are guided canoe trips in a traditional dugout canoe among the mangroves and creeks, guided walks through the forest including bird watching and animal observation. While drifting down the water you will see the abundance of wildlife, fisherman, and woman collecting oysters from the mangroves. This is a very relaxing trip with some wunderful views of the region. After the boat trip there is the oppertunity for a bush walk and a chance to try out some traditional herbal medicines and remedies as well as birdwatching on the salt flats by the river which are teeming with birdlife such as the European Pied Wagtail. You can take part in pottery, cooking, furniture making, wood carving lessons and see a palm wine tapper at work as he manages to get to the top of a palm tree very quickly using just a rope. You can also see people weaving, silversmiths at work as well as fishingmen and farmers whose practices have remained unchanged over the years. All profits made from the local craft area go back directly to the village craftsmen who don't pay any rent. Then we drive back to the base where lunch will be waiting for you. This is a real treat consisting of the best african dishes in the region including Benechin, Domoda and Yassa. Costs: 40 euro per person.


   An excursion to Serekunda Market

20 euro per person    
   An excursion to Banjul Market 25 euro per person
2 pers. 40 euro
   An excursion to the Crocodile pool, Bakau 20 euro per person    
   An excursion to the Batik Factory 20 euro per person    
   An excursion to the Wood Carving Factory, Brikama 25 euro per person    
   An excursion to the Tanje Museum & Fishing Boats 25 euro per person    
   An excursion to Paradise Beach, Sanyang 25 euro per person    
  An excursion to Juffereh and James Island 75 euro per person    
  An excursion to the Fatala park, Senegal (visa incl.) 125 euro per person    
   An excursion to Abuko Nature Reserve 25 euro per person    
     An excursion to Georgetown 95 euro per person      
     An excursion to Lamin lodge and Boat Trip to
   the River Gambia or Fishing
40 euro per person      

Many European people have already used my services as a guide several times.
I am very familiar with the country. And because I have been living there since I was born, I am able to show you the most beautiful spots.
Perhaps you have already seen certain locations in travel magazines or on the Internet. Let me know which places you would like to visit and I can make a pleasant travelplan with beautiful sites accoording to your wihses.
For more information click on the button contact.



Here a picture of the view from the Lemon Creek Hotel.



You also can make a trip with car and driver to the Fatala Wild Life Park in Senegal.

In the park you can see different kinds of animals. It's a wonderful experience, and pictureparadise for people who like animals in the wild.