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Welcome to the new website of Sarjo Jallow, guide in Gambia. Here you can already see some examples
of beautyfull sites and locations in Gambia!

  sarahbaby   My name is Sarjo Jallow, I am a local guide and I live in Serekunda, The Gambia. I speak English and Dutch.

For excursions to the Abuko nature reserve (where the monkeys run free around the park), or to the Kachikally Crocodile pool, Lamin Lodge, the Batik factory, Georgetown, Tanji, Banjul Ferry, the Serekunda market or the neighbouring country Senegal: all can be arranged.


If you want to create your own trip and/or travel slow or fast, everything is possible. The price of the excursion or trip is agreed in advance.
On the webpage excursions and prices you can see which tours there are and what the costs of these tours are.
You can ofcourse also combine a number of destinations.
A lot of Dutch people, Belgians and other Europeans have already used my services as a guide a lot of times.
For further information on excursions in The Gambia you can mail to or phone 00220-7920011 or 00220-9290601 (Sarjo, The Gambia).


A picture from the entrance of the Tanje Village Museum. On their own website they say:

The museum is the first private museum in The Gambia and we are presenting the ethno-graphic and natural history of the country. The museum was founded in 1997 and we believe it is our mission to preserve the real Gambian culture, which is rapidly dying due to western influences.

When you come to visit, you are walking around on our 20.000 square meter open air museum.